Greywill, aka William (Bill) H. Vanden Born

The website offers several different collections of material. Bold text in red indicates a link to another page. Click here for a detailed outline of the site’s content.

  1. The Vanden Born family history and photos (password-protected). If you are interested in seeing these, please contact me. As of March 2020, these pages include links to photo books I prepared for my parents and grandparents as well as for Dixie and me and for each of our children, from their time of birth to 2019.
  1. Photos and text that describe my ancestry and my life history. Included are photos that illustrate my wife Dixie’s ancestry and the life of her mother, Harriet Wierenga (see item 4 below). Click here or on ‘About’ on the menu bar.
  1. Memorial information for four of my brothers (George, JohnJ, John, Wilco), a sister (Bertha), a sister-in-law (Sophie), and a brother-in-law (Herman) who are no longer living.
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  1. A separate page is dedicated to the memory of Dixie’s mother, Harriet Wierenga, who died 23 August 2017, aged 101. Click here or under the ‘Other albums’ tab on the menu bar to go to her page.
  1. A large collection of my photographs, of a wide range of subjects, including images I have entered in camera club photo competitions. Scroll down the page for some representative photo galleries or use the menu bar above to go where you want.
  1. In the last two years I have put together printed collections of about 2000 of my photographs in the form of photo books, current versions of the classic photo album. One such photo book is In Black and White and contains about 200 black and white images, mostly three or four per page. Links to page layouts from a total of twelve books are listed on the page Photo Books 2020.
  1. More recently (March 2021) I selected about 550 images from my collection that might benefit from conversion from colour to black and white. They represent a wide variety of subject matter, and now are all changed to black and white. They are arranged in 18 separate albums, and can be viewed via this link to the album list.
  1. In April 2021 I used digital distortion filters to make about 275 semi-abstract images (Twists and Turns album 1) from 134 originals. The images are arranged in 12 separate galleries, and can be viewed via the page with the gallery list. In a second series I did the same thing with a further 78 images. The results of that fun project are in Twists and Turns album 2 (composites of 3 or 4 images) and Twists and Turns album 3 (single images).
  1. Photo collections from travel to many different places, by Dixie and me or with one or more of our children. Several trips included my sister and her husband or one of my brothers and his wife. Also included are links to diaries I kept for many of the trips.
William H. Vanden Born
September 2021

Eight photo galleries

The images below are linked to eight representative photo galleries that illustrate my efforts at creative photography, for your viewing pleasure. To go directly to the larger collection of galleries, click on ‘Photo art 1’ or ‘Photo art 2’ on the menu bar.