William H. Vanden Born
Edmonton, Alberta

Tel. 780 483-4649

In addition to my telephone and email contact information, I have included links to three publications I was involved in, all accessible in pdf format.
The first is my 233-page autobiography, Destinations on my path through life: Unexpected and unplanned, completed in early 2011 and published privately for family members and a few close friends.
The second, Torchbearers for The King, is a scanned version of a 144-page booklet that describes the work of the Christian College Association (Alberta) that led to the establishment in 1979 of The King’s College, recently renamed The King’s University. It was written by Harry Cook and me and published for the twenty-fifth anniversary of the university in 2004.
The third is a collection of three talks presented by me and two others at the fiftieth anniversary celebration of the Association of Independent Schools and Colleges in Alberta, in May 2008.
Click on the red links or the images in the boxes below to access the publications.

TCoverPgSmallDestinations on my path through life
I finished the 233-page autobiography in February 2011, complete with many pictures and with some early history of the van den Born family
TorchCoverWTorchbearers for the King 2004
The history of the Christian College Association (Alberta) whose work resulted in the opening of what was then The King’s College in Edmonton in September 1979.
In 2014 it became The King’s University.
AiscaCoverWAISCA 50th anniversary 2008
The history of the Association of Independent Schools and Colleges in Alberta as recounted by three speakers on 8 May 2008


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