Autobiography 2011

This page provides links to the content of an autobiography I wrote during 2008 to 2011, primarily for my children and their families. I printed copies for each of my children and my siblings. You are free to read (or even download and print) any or all of it. Each section or chapter is stored as a separate ‘pdf’ file. Some sections with a number of photographs may take a few seconds to load.

Destinations on my path through life:

Unexpected and unplanned

William H. Vanden Born

February 2011

Cover Page
Content and Introduction
Chapter 1, Life in Achterberg and Rhenen
Chapter 2a, Ancestral history and family lore, part 1
Chapter 2b, Ancestral history and family lore, part 2
Chapter 3a, Home and family life, part 1
Chapter 3b, Home and family life, part 2
Chapter 4, School years
Chapter 5, From Achterberg to Busby
Chapter 6, Life on the family farm
Chapter 7a, Student life in the city, part 1
Chapter 7b, Student life in the city, part 2
Chapter 8, The Ontario years
Chapter 9, Settling in Edmonton
Chapter 10, Wierenga family losses in 1963
Chapter 11, The sixties were busy years
Chapter 12, Sabbatical leave experiences
Chapter 13, New duties and responsibilities
Chapter 14, The Oregon year
Chapter 15, Approaching the eighties
Chapter 16, Sojourn in New Zealand
Chapter 17, Changes at home and at work
Chapter 18, Retired life continues to take shape
Chapter 19, The latter years
Chapter 20, Reflections
Appendices (6) and Index
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1 Comment

  1. Tineke Landman

     /  3 March 2012

    Hi Bill,
    I have read, with great interest, your Path Through Life. I think partly because of your parents immigration and that of Tante Aal and Oom Kees I also became interested and emigration to Canada even before I knew John.
    Your life’s journey certainly has been an adventurous one, more so than most of us, wonderful you were able put if all in writing.
    As soon John has finished Codoleezza Rice’s autobiography he will read yours, I’m sure he will enjoy it as much as I did.
    Congratulatons!! on your accomplishment, it must have been a long haul but a rewarding one.
    Greetings from Tineke and John.


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