Travel diaries

The links on this page connect to travel diaries I kept over the years. In most of the diaries it is my writing but a few of them include words from Dixie as well. Each of the diaries has been uploaded as a pdf and can be accessed by clicking on the relevant link. There are other countries or places that we had the privilege of visiting, but for those trips, unfortunately, I did not keep diaries. They include Ecuador (1984), Newfoundland (1993), Poland (1997), Brazil (2000), Greece (2002), Prague (2006), North Carolina (2007), Alaska (2008), Oregon (2008), California (2012), and Texas (2015). For those, the photo collections will have to suffice.

1. 1964-1970

2. 1970-1990

3. 1991-2005

13 April 2020

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