Photo Books 2020

On the premise that the digital files of my photos will not live forever anymore than I will, I have put together a series of photo books, each containing 85 to 233 images spread over 50 to 60 pages. The images represent my main photographic interest styles; the printed books should help to preserve them more effectively than computer hard drives, at home or somewhere in cyberspace. The total number of images included is just over 2000, with occasional duplication in the different books.
I have taken screen shots of the double pages in each of the books and uploaded those to albums/galleries that can be accessed via the links below and that can be viewed as a slideshow.
Titles or identifying captions have been included in only one of the books (Floral Styles).
Click on the links below to view the albums.

13 August 2020

Lines and Shapes (85 images)
Ordinary Things (133 images)
More Ordinary Things (139 images)
Floral Styles (215 images)
Tulips (116 images)
The Beauty of the Earth (145 images)
In Black and White (210 images)
Patterns and Textures (233 images)
People, Animals, Birds, Bugs (220 images)
Bricks, Steel, and Skies (180 images)
Water, Ice, and Snow (180 images)
Things that move . . . or not (180 images)

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