Other Photo Art

1. Twists and Turns

In April 2021, I made about 275 semi-abstract images (‘Twists and Turns 1’) by using digital distortion filters on 134 originals. The images are arranged in 12 separate galleries, and can be viewed via this link to the gallery list.
An additional 78 original images served as the source for a second collection of semi-abstract or whimsical distortions, Twists and Turns 2.

2. Symmetricals

In March 2022 I used about 75 original image files to compose symmetrical images. Each image consists of a small original image, outlined in green, and one or two larger images that are outlined in white. In each instance, the larger image is a combination of one part of the original (mostly one half) plus that same part flipped horizontally, to make a symmetrical image. Click Symmetrical Images for the page with the gallery.
More recently, I used an additional number of images, of buildings and other structures, landscapes, animals, and flowers, to construct symmetrical images. Click on Symmetricals 2022 Volume 1 or Volume 2 to view the images. The source images are not included in these collections.

3. In Black and White

Each of the 18 boxes below is linked to an album of black and white images in a wide variety of categories. The albums include a total of about 550 images, all of which were converted to black and white (in one case sepia) from original colour images or from scans of colour slides.
Click on the red links or the images in any of the boxes to see the albums.

23 images
23 images
TCactus_11136GRMCactus and Leaves
20 images
27 images
TMilkweed_W5204bMFruits and Seeds
33 images
37 images
98 images
TWHVB_NailsMShop and Contents
22 images
TIMG_2833MLight and Shadow
20 images
TRX3_1239aMSnow and Ice
21 images
19 images
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