TWISTS and TURNS galleries

Each of the twelve images below is linked to a separate gallery page that contains 15 to 30 semi-abstract images. I made the abstracts by using digital distortion filters (twirl, shear, wave), alone or in combination, on the original images that are included in the collages on this page.
For each original image there are one to four distorted versions that I found appealing. Needless to say, the number of possible variations with the filters is unlimited. Most of the images shown have also been included in a photo book collection.

Page 1 Walls, windows, poles, shadows (26)

Page 2 Wall, shadows, steel, sculptures, bench (20)

Page 3 Tree trunk, frost, rocks, water, gravel, matches (21)

Page 4 Cables, doilies, fabric (17)

Page 5 Apples, bananas (17)

Page 6 Carrots, celery, grapefruit, melons, leek (30)

Page 7 Onions, cabbage, pumpkins, peppers (29)

Page 8 Radishes, tomatoes, rhubarb, berries (29)

Page 9 Squash, pears, flowers (20)

Page 10 Flowers (29)

Page 11 Tulips (15)

Page 12 Tops, buttons, paper, pennies, eggs, etc. (18)
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