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  1. Home
    • Introductory comments and outline of site contents.
    • Link to Contact page that includes additional information.
    • Link to page with memories of deceased siblings.
    • Link to a special page for Harriet Wierenga, my mother-in-law.
    • Links to page layout content for twelve photo books published in 2019-20.
    • Links to eight selected photo galleries.
  1. About
    • Photos of my ancestry and of ten periods in my life, 1932 to 2012.
    • My autobiography, completed in 2011.
    • An addendum to my autobiography that covers the years 2011 to 2019.
    • An illustrated background history of my ancestry, by Jack Vanden Born.
    • Photos of Dixie’s ancestry.
    • Photos of Harriet Wierenga, 1916-2017.
    • Deaths in the family.
  1. Family history (password-protected)
    • Links to pages with letters, diaries, family stories, ancestry timelines, anniversaries, and deaths. Also included is a link to information about the Van’t Land family – Aaltje Van’t Land was my father’s sister and the only one of my parents’ siblings to emigrate to Canada.
  1. Family photos (password-protected)
    • The Vanden Born side: Links to photo albums from my ancestry and from ten successive periods in my life, some family lunches, and other family events.
    • The Wierenga side: Links to photo albums related to Dixie’s family and ancestry and to four successive time periods in her life.
    • Bill and Dixie’s family: Links to significant anniversary and family birthday celebrations. Link to photo book content for Bill and Dixie’s life, from the beginning to 2019.
    • Links to photo galleries from the lives of our five children (Karen, Mark, Ann, Joan, Elaine) up to 2005.
    • Links to photo book content for each of our children, up to 2019.
  1. Photo art 1
    • Links to 30 albums from a wide range of subject matter.
  1. Photo art 2
    • Links to a further 21 albums from a range of subject matter.
  1. In black and white 2021
    • Links to 18 albums of black and white images, converted from digital colour images or from scanned colour slides, in March 2021.
  1. Twists and Turns 1
    • Links to 12 albums of semi-abstract images, distorted via digital filters from 134 original colour images, in April 2021.
    • An additional 78 original images served as the source for a second collection of semi-abstract or whimsical distortions, in Twists and Turns 2 (composites of 3 or 4 images) and Twists and Turns 3 (single images).
  1. Symmetrical Images
    • Link to an album of symmetrical images composed from about 75 original image files (included), by copying one half of the image, flipping it horizontally, and reinserting it. Another album, Symmetricals 2022, contains 168 symmetrical images, without the source images.
  1. Other albums
    • Photo books 2020: Links to page layout content for twelve photo books published in 2019-20.
    • Photo outings: Links to images from photo outings organized by the Images Alberta Camera Club (IACC) 2004 to 2014.
    • Harriet Wierenga: Link to a page with Harriet Wierenga and family photos 2017.
    • Private page: Links to private pages and test pages (see section 10).
  1. Private pages and galleries
    • Links to various collections of family photos.
    • Links to photos of house and yard (2007), and to albums for furnishings, paintings, prints, other art pieces, and jewelry.
    • Links to albums from special photo collections or photo outings.
    • Links to test pages regarding image presentation.
    • Links to travel photos added to the website in November 2016.
    • Links to draft website pages.
  1. Photo competitions
    • Links to Images Alberta Camera Club photo competition entries 2007 to 2022.
  1. Travel 1958 to 2006
    • Links to 32 photo albums from family and other travel during 1958 to 2006.
  1. Travel 2007 to 2017
    • Links to 28 photo albums from family and other travel during 2007 to 2017.
  1. Travel diaries
    • Links to travel diaries from 1964 to 2005.
  1. Contact
    • Contact information.
    • Links to the content of four publications:
    •    Destinations on my path through life (autobiography 2011) .
    •    Further Destinations (addendum to autobiography re 2011-2019) .
    •    Torchbearers for the King (The King’s University pre-history, to 1979).
    •    AISCA 50th anniversary 2008 (Association for Independent Schools and Colleges).
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