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  1. Home
    • Introductory comments and outline of site contents.
    • Link to Contact page.
    • Link to page with memories of deceased siblings.
    • Link to a special page for Harriet Wierenga, my mother-in-law.
    • Links to eight selected photo galleries.
  1. About
    • Photos of my ancestry and of ten periods in my life, 1932 to 2012.
    • My autobiography, completed in 2011.
    • An illustrated background history of my ancestry, by Jack Vanden Born.
    • Photos of Dixie’s ancestry.
    • Photos of Harriet Wierenga, 1916-2017.
    • Deaths in the family.
  1. Family history (password-protected)
    • Links to pages with letters, diaries, family stories, ancestry timelines, anniversaries, and deaths.
  1. Family photos (password-protected)
    • The Vanden Born side: Links to photo albums from my ancestry and from ten successive periods in my life, some family lunches, and other family events.
    • The Wierenga side: Links to photo albums related to Dixie’s family and ancestry and to four successive time periods in her life.
    • Bill and Dixie’s family: Links to significant anniversary and family birthday celebrations.
    • Links to photo albums from the lives of our five children (Karen, Mark, Ann, Joan, Elaine) up to 2005.
  1. Photo art 1
    • Links to 30 albums from a wide range of subject matter.
  1. Photo art 2
    • Links to a further 21 albums from a range of subject matter.
  1. Other albums
    • Link to a page with Harriet Wierenga and family photos 2017.
    • Links to images from 16 photo outings organized by the Images Alberta Camera Club (IACC) 2004 to 2014.
    • Links to images from five IACC photo outings to the Ukrainian Heritage Village, from 2007 to 2014.
    • Links to several family-related photo galleries added in 2014 and 2016.
    • Links to private pages and test pages (see section 8).
  1. Private pages and galleries
    • Links to various collections of family photos.
    • Links to photos of house and yard (2007), and to albums for furnishings, paintings, prints, other art pieces, and jewelry.
    • Links to albums from special photo collections or photo outings.
    • Links to test pages regarding image presentation.
    • Links to travel photos added to the website in November 2016.
    • Links to draft website pages.
  1. Photo competitions
    • Links to IACC photo competition entries and galleries 2007 to 2018.
  1. Travel 1958 to 2006
    • Links to 32 photo albums from family and other travel during 1958 to 2006.
  1. Travel 2007 to 2016
    • Links to 28 photo albums from family and other travel during 2007 to 2016.
    1. Contact
      • Contact information.
      • Links to three publications:
      •    Destinations on my path through life (autobiography 2011) .
      •    Torchbearers for the King (The King’s University pre-history, to 1979).
      •    AISCA 50th anniversary 2008 (Association for Independent Schools and Colleges).
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