The Wierenga-Westra side

Links to albums with images that begin with Dixie’s paternal (Wierenga) and maternal (Westra) grandparents and end with collections of photos from her mother’s life from 1916 to 2017. There is occasional duplication of photos in the different collections.
Click on the red links or the images in the boxes below to view the albums.
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THQ205Jennie_010aDixie’s Ancestry
Photos from both the Wierenga and the Westra side of Dixie’s parents and grandparents.
TDA073W13909_Dixie01Dixie’s History
Photos from Dixie’s youth to her wedding in 1958 and beyond.
TDA009FileP0081Dixie’s Life
1986-2000 Since 2000
Photos from Dixie’s life to about 2012.
TWM042Mom Wierenga’s Life
Albums and galleries from her life and family 1916 to 2017, on a page dedicated to her memory. She died on 23 August 2017.
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