The Vanden Born side

The links in the boxes below provide access to photo albums that begin with my Vanden Born grandparents and my maternal Nijboer grandparents, and end with memorial albums for five of my siblings who died in 1976, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2021. Click on either the red links or the images.

Page layouts for the photo book ‘The Vanden Borns 1872-1983’ were added in May 2020. An additional page contains images of 19 page layouts annotated with names of the people in the photographs. Click here to access that page (added in November 2020).

In March 2019 I added an album with about 80 photos that I copied from the ‘’ site where my Dutch cousins keep many of their family event images. Click here for access to the album.
Click here to return to the Family Photos page.

TWHH&Gsp 1930Bill’s Ancestry
The image shown is of my Vanden Born grandparents in 1930, at the time of may parents’ wedding

T102JJ&N wedding 1930aPhotos from three generations
The image shown is of my parents on their wedding day, surrounded by my father’s family

TP1020225ACousins’ visit 24 Aug 2008
A cousin from Holland and two from
Red Deer and Lethbridge, with their
spouses, came to visit.

TImg_1535b_edited-1Sibling Lunch 10 Sept 2012
The Vanden Born siblings and
their spouses met for lunch
on 10 September 2012.

TJV44QC03AB049Family photos – a collection
A collection of photos from different times and occasions.

TP1000385a Family meet 7 Sept 2013
Vanden Born siblings and their
families got together at the
McQueen Community League.

Bill and Bertha 60th anniversary 14 June 2015
DSC_0579TCelebration of Bill and Bertha Groot’s 60th wedding anniversary. Jack Vanden Born took the pictures.

Family meet 16 Sept 2018
Some 50 members of the extended Vanden Born family got together at the McQueen Community League.

George 1969T80Memories George Vanden Born
He was born 14 April 1934
and died 5 August 1976, age 42.

TJV120Reunion 2004k5m Memories John Vandenborn
He was born 7 September 1938
and died 24 June 2013, age 74.

TJF26aW18_0616 Memories John J Vandenborn
He was born 19 June 1937
and died 9 March 2014, age 76.

Wilco_0616bT90Memories Wilco Vanden Born
He was born 3 August 1947
and died 17 April 2015, age 67.

Bertha for GR 100Memories Bertha Groot
She was born 25 July 1931
and died 9 September 2021, age 90.
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