Vanden Born family history and photos

I have uploaded a large number of pictures from the Vanden Born family history in albums on a couple of other websites. Clicking on the blue links in the paragraphs below will take you there.

One of them is on a Flickr site that has about two hundred photos from three generations of Vanden Borns.

The other album is called Bill’s ancestry and is on a Google website. It has something like a hundred photos, some of which are duplicates from the ones on the Flickr site. This album is still a work in progress.

In addition, there are around forty family history pictures in Chapters 2 to 6 of my autobiography on this website.

My brother John passed away on 24 June 2013, age 74. I have collected as many pictures of him as I could and have uploaded them to an album on Picasa/Google. Click on John Vandenborn photos 2013 to view the photos.

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