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TRX_Aldon_4774a226 August 2014
Camera club outing to Aldon’s Salvage some time in 2012 in the early spring or fall but not during the winter.
TRX__490121 July 2013
A gallery of images of small things, collected over several years.
TRIMG_1746W20 January 2014
A gallery of images of people, collected over several years

Obituaries and funeral services 1980 and 1983
I have collected various documents related to my parents’ deaths and funerals, and combined them into two PDFs, one for my father, J. (Han) J. van den Born, and one for my mother, Nen van den Born. Click on one of the images or the red links to access the files.

Dad 1975aMy father was born 27 February 1903 and died 9 November 1980, age 77. He was buried in the Westlock cemetery.

Mother 1983My mother was born 3 October 1904 and died 2 October 1983, one day before her 79th birthday. She also was buried in the Westlock cemetery.

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