Test page re image table

The images and text blocks in this table are linked to pages with photo galleries from places in and around Edmonton  that I have visited, mostly via outings organized by the Images Alberta Camera Club
RX_1926tl RIMG_1075tl RX_5201tl RX_1953tl
My first trip to the Ukrainian Village, February 2007, when I was still taking slides only  February 2008, with a new digital camera  And again in 2009.  I have not yet decided what to write in this box – February 2011
Img_2110atl CR2_0197iatl CR2_0138tl CR2_0326dtl
Snowscapes around home in March 2013 Snowscapes at Devonian Botanic Garden March 2013 In the Devonian Botanic Garden greenhouses March 2013  Salisbury Greenhouse April 2013 

Thumbnails of competition entries from 2007
CR2_0227bP RIMG_0523iaccW MorningFrostGW BirchEnds2W

Thumbnails of competition entries from 2012

Caption #1

Caption #2
This is a long one

Caption #3

No prize

Thumbnails 2013
Bibles_9996iaW RX_6413aW Elevator_11857MW RX_5915iaccW Ardeche_7607MW
IMG_2204iac RIMG_0701iacW File0002a_NailsW ActionWaveW Rose_12683W
IMG_0153iaccW IMG_0156iaccbW IMG_0168iaccW RIMG_0851iaccbW BerlinWall87_7242W Gettysburg_7430W
Test re column width with text
This cell is 100 pixels wide This cell is 220 pixels wide This cell’s width is set automatically
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