Entries 2012

I entered the images on this page in the 2012 monthly competitions of the Images Alberta Camera Club.
You can view the images by simply scrolling down this page, or you can jump to a particular month. The other option is to view the images as a slideshow.

          January          March       October        November          December

Competition theme January 2012: Self-portrait

The crystal ball

Who? Me?

In the mirror


          January       March         October         November        December

Competition theme March 2012:

Things that are round

Astronomy 101IACC3a100

My bald spot

Yellow spokes

The candy store

Door handles

          January       March         October         November        December

Competition theme October 2012: Noise

Quiet resting place

A place of quiet rest

          January       March         October         November        December

Competition theme November 2012:

Things with wings

Ready for take-off

Nice landing pad

Flying upside down

Orville on the wing

Nuts with wings

          January       March         October         November        December

Competition theme December 2012: Open

I’m on my way

Prairie sentinel

Floral triplet

Me and my shadow

Soft and white

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